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Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Sea Lover’s Guide to an Ocean Inspired Christmas

This Christmas add a little sea into the season. Whether you live on the beach or you are a landlubber that dreams of crashing waves and white sands — this simple guide will get you started on a beautiful, beachy holiday. So gather your sand dollars and starfish, put Mele Kilikimaka on your playlist, and pour yourself an eggnog (with brandy of course), because we have some really unique and creative ways to bring the ocean into your home for Christmas.

The main attraction of any home at Christmas is the Christmas tree. The decorations, the lights, the scent of pine, the piles of gifts, and the gathering of family make the tree the center of all things Christmas. Each year people follow traditions. They cut down a tree in the forest, or caravan with family to the local tree lot, and try to figure our how to tie 3 trees to the roof of 2 cars. They argue about the bald spot on the tree and the way the lights should be placed. They carefully unwrap ornaments that have been present for generations of happy holidays, and they create new ornaments to commemorate the year.

Bringing the beach into your Christmas is a wonderful way to add a new tradition to your holidays. The ocean provides natural beauty. From sea glass and driftwood to seashells and sand — there are many ways to add the sea to your tree. Each year collect things from the beach, and save them. When the holidays arrive, use the mementos to create decorations and ornaments for Christmas. There are many DIY (Do it Yourself) ocean ornament projects that are perfect for displaying your collection. Here is a favorite:

Seashell filled ornament

  • Collect tiny shells
  • Collect sand
  • Clear glass ornaments
  • Twine or ribbon

Carefully remove the top from the glass ornament. Add a little sand, and some small seashells and sea glass. Replace the top (it can break the glass so be cautious). Add some twine or ribbon, and voila! — a beautiful beach ornament to add to your tree.

You can purchase pre-made ornaments to bring in the beach. We like these from

What holiday would be complete without delicious, mouth-watering feasts surrounded by family and friends? This year try something new and serve up some savory seafood, like this linguine with red clam sauce.

Or these lemon butter scallops.

Also, bring the sea to your Christmas cookies! Sugar cookies make perfect sand dollars and add ocean charm to any dessert table or cookie tray.

Another important aspect of Christmas is gift giving. The glow of warmth you feel when you see the faces of your loved ones as they open up those gifts that you carefully hand selected — nothing compares. For some ocean inspired love we have created a Pinterest board call Sea Style. There are a lot beautiful beachy gift ideas.

Additionally, for a gift of a lifetime, check out Sea TREK locations around the world. There are a lot of holiday specials right now. There is nothing like those first breaths underwater, and the weightless feel of walking on the sea floor surrounded by sea creatures.

Whatever you do to bring in the sea, we hope you have a peaceful and happy Christmas, and wish you many new memories with your loved ones.