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Monday, October 26, 2015

Sub Sea Systems is Celebrating 30 Years Under the Sea

Sub Sea Systems has been innovating and developing products and programs that allow people to interact with the underwater world since 1985. 2015 marks our 30th year.
In honor of the achievement and in memory of all of the hard work that brought Sub Sea Systems to where it is today, the office staff collaborated to plan a surprise party honoring SSS principal business owners Jim and Melissa Mayfield for all of their dedication and perseverance.

The party was held on October 16th, 2015 (coincidentally Bosses’ Day) at Manzanita Kitchen & Events in Diamond Springs. The venue is a beautiful intimate space with an eclectic style consisting of rustic charm and industrial details. Stained cement floors and exposed steel ductwork meet wood trimmed doorframes and wine barrel accent pieces. Leather couches and dark wood banquet tables allowed for plenty of seating. Simple elegant centerpieces made from glass bowls, sand, seashells, and tea lights twinkled.

A large World map with all of Sub Sea Systems’ locations decorated the back wall above a table that held specially designed gifts for Jim, Melissa, and the employees of Sub Sea Systems. Steel buckets of ice held beer and bottles of wine sat on the bar. Guests were given commemorative 30-year drink koozies in pink, orange, blue or camo. Wild Hog (a favorite local BBQ joint) catered the event. Delicious pulled pork, brisket, green beans and corn bread were presented in chafing dishes. Employees and friends contributed decadent homemade desserts, including blueberry cake, blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream, and caramel apple pies from local Apple Hill.

 Employees and their families, longtime friends and Mayfield family members filled the room. As guests arrived they were directed to write a note and color a portion of a custom poster featuring Sub Sea Systems’ mascots and illustrated sea creatures. Drinks were poured as everyone anxiously awaited the guests of honor.

It was difficult to get Jim and Melissa where they needed to be without ruining the surprise... but, finally they arrived! And everyone was lined up and ready to receive them. The front door opened as Jim and Melissa entered to a joyous cheer with beers and wine glasses raised high —“CHEERS TO 30 YEARS!” The delight and surprise on their faces was priceless. After rounds of hugs and explanations everyone began to dish up the delicious, aromatic food.

While people were eating, a slide show played on a giant projector screen. Images from 1985 to the present showed semi-subs from the beginning to Clear Lounge in 2015. The styles of hair, facial hair, clothing and even company branding have definitely evolved over the years!

As people served themselves dessert the office staff and family members passed out champagne for toasts. A video specially made for the event kicked off the toast/roast. 30 years in 30 seconds (coming soon to our YouTube channel) highlighted great moments in Sub Sea Systems’ history. After the video, staff and family members took turns telling stories and expressing gratitude for being a part of a company that really is a family.

During the roast, we learned that Keenan Mayfield, FunCat Product Director, secretly has implemented ‘Dress like Dad Mondays'. Every Monday morning he learns what his Dad, Jim, is wearing, and then replicates the outfit. Same shirt, same pants and even similar socks and shoes. This has been going on for many weeks and is now a running office joke — and the best part is, Jim has never even noticed! He was overcome with laughter when this was revealed!

Many stories recounted the hard work, trials and triumphs of Sub Sea Systems', its owners and its staff over the past 30 years. The most apparent through all of the praise and teasing was that Jim and Melissa are wonderful people and well loved bosses!

The genius of Sub Sea Systems is in the company’s ability to utilize the unique perspective every person brings to the table. Ideas are valued, creativity is prized, and people are utilized to their strengths. This offers a unique, quality work environment for employees — creating a strong sense of loyalty and commitment among the staff. Appreciation, respect, kindness and care are apparent in Sub Sea Systems' business values, and this is a direct reflection of its owners, Jim and Melissa. They really have created a company family.

The event was a success and I believe Jim and Melissa were able to see themselves through their employees' eyes — even if just for an evening.

Thank you Jim and Melissa — from all of us at Sub Sea Systems.