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Friday, August 14, 2015

A Bio of Marine Biologist and Marine Mammal Behaviorist Eric Bogden

Sub Sea Systems has been collaborating with Eric Bogden — a respected marine biologist and marine mammal behaviorist — since 2007. Sub Sea Systems and Eric Bogden established SHARKS! Interactive, LLC, a hands-on program designed to entertain, educate and dispel misconceptions about sharks. SHARKS! is an informational and captivating encounter with the mysterious and feared shark. Thousands of people have pet, fed, held, and swam with trained nurse sharks at SHARKS! programs around the world.

In 2008, Sub Sea Systems and Eric Bogden came together again to create the world's 1st Sea TREK dolphin interaction — Dolphin TREK. This unique experience allows people ages 8 and up to connect with dolphins in their own environment. Through the use of Sea TREK helmet diving technology, people who do not even know how to swim have been able to meet dolphins under the sea.

Our programs provide connections to ocean creatures, inspiring ocean conservancy and awareness. Education through entertainment is a key way to create an emotional association that will motivate people to act.

We are proud to work with Eric Bogden and would like you to know more about this educated, creative and inspiring marine biologist.

Eric Bogden has actively been involved in marine mammal training since 1986. He began his career at Sea World San Diego after earning a Behavioral Science degree from San Diego State University.

While at Sea World, he worked with a variety of marine mammals including California sea lions, bottlenose dolphins, Killer whales, Pilot whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, Commerson’s dolphins, false killer whales (psudorca crassisdens), walrus, and otters. Mr. Bogden’s abilities advanced him to the level of supervisor of many of the show stadiums, and he was frequently called on to troubleshoot problem areas.

By 1994, Mr. Bogden had become a catalyst in creating new behavior and show concepts within the marine mammal community. He created a presentation entitled New Behavior At Sea World Inc., which won top honors at the International Marine Animal Trainers Association Conference in Washington State.

Mr. Bogden was promoted to Manager of Entertainment at Sea World as a result of his extensive
behavioral understanding of marine mammals and his ability to create and produce show concepts. As the manager of all show productions, Mr. Bogden worked with Busch Entertainment’s Corporate New Products Division in designing and creating new shows, entertainment concepts and attractions for Sea World and Busch Gardens theme parks.

Mr. Bogden was an integral part of Ocean World, a world-class marine mammal park in the Dominican Republic, which has broken new ground in animal interactive attractions. He came on
board at the conceptual design stage and was instrumental in the business plan development. Mr. Bogden has been a key player in the facility design and worked closely with the architecture and construction teams to ensure animal care and safety design criteria were met. He was responsible for animal acquisition, training, animal care, design/implementation of animal interactions and shows, as well as animal care.

Eric Bogden is currently Corporate Director of Marine Animals for Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios
Jamaica. He oversees all zoological and park operations for three facilities in Jamaica as well as a fourth dolphinarium in the Cayman Islands.

He is a founder and President of Sharks! Interactive LLC. Sharks! Interactive specializes in creating hands-on shark encounters with specially trained sharks. Mr. Bogden’s Sharks! Program can be seen at Xcaret in Mexico, Dolphin Cove Jamaica, and Bavaro, Dominican Republic.

Mr. Bogden is committed to providing exceptional quality in his creative development, training of
both animals and staff as well as his productions. Mr. Bogden’s hands-on animal behavior knowledge, production skills, creative flair and extensive experience ensure a level of quality, safety, and education that is incomparable.

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