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Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Maritime Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and as we plan how we will celebrate our Mothers with pancake and bacon breakfasts in bed and sunny bouquets of daisies, we should take a moment to reflect and really appreciate what our Mothers have done for us. Only you will know your Mother’s heart and understand what she has done for you, but we know some really interesting stories about some wonderful Mothers who live in the sea. Sacrifice, dedication, devotion, and love are common qualities we are pretty sure you can attribute to your Mom, and the same goes for these amazing ocean Mothers.

Manatee Mommies

Manatee Mothers form strong bonds with their calves. Their babies stay with them up to 2 years — even when they no longer need nutrition. The Mothers keep the babies close to their sides, and always place themselves between possible danger and the babe. The babies are able to swim after birth, but it will look as if the mother is assisting because she is so attentive. Now that is love! Without a doubt your Mom remembers helping you learn to walk, and being afraid to let go.

Sea Otter Mamas

A sea otter Mom is devoted to her young. She is a vigilant Mommy; she carries and snuggles her baby all day long. Sea otters are born blind and cannot swim until they are 3 months old — even though they live in the water. Talk about amazing Mothers — three months holding a baby without break! When you were born, assuredly your Mom felt like she never set you down.

Dolphin Moms

Dolphin Mothers are beautiful. They nurture, nurse, and grow strong bonds with their babies. Babies stay with their mothers 3-6 years. How long did you stay with your Mom?

Blue Whale Mothers

Blue Whale Mommies give birth to 5,000–6,000 lb (2,268 – 2,722 kgs) babies that are around 23-25 ft (7-8 m) in length. The babies gain about 250 lbs (113 kgs) daily, nursing from their mothers who produce 50 gallons (189 liters) of milk every day— keep in mind the Mother is on an exclusive diet of teeny tiny krill! That is truly amazing! How much did you weigh when you were born?

Octopus Mommies

A Giant Pacific octopus Mom broods over 50,000 thousand eggs. She carefully arranges them and braids them together. She hides in a cave constantly running her tentacles over them. She never leaves to eat — for months. Finally she will blow them out into the sea with her siphon. She gives her life to protect and defend them and give them a chance. She is an amazing Mother. Unquestionably your Mother would do anything to give you your best chance in life.

Mother Nature

Encompassing all of the amazing, mysterious, brilliant elements of the earth — Mother Nature is everything. We should always respect, maintain, and protect her; for She provides for all of our planet’s Mothers, enabling them to nurture, guide, and raise the children of the world. Protect the earth, protect the sea, and protect all of the Mothers who protect us.

If all of this reflection has inspired you to rethink your Mother’s Day plans we have some really great gift ideas that your Mom will never forget. Take her to Sea TREK in the ocean, ride a FunCat in a bay, or pet SHARKS! in a lagoon. For more ideas and more great sea Mom stories check out our Pinterest board Honoring Our Mothers & the Sea.

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Please share these stories with your Mom, and tell her Happy Mother’s Day from us!