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Monday, April 27, 2015

The Definition of Sea TREK


1. a surface supplied helmet diving system; a program created for non-divers and non-swimmers that allows nearly anyone to experience the underwater world. 
“the little girl participated in Sea TREK”
synonyms: helmet diving, underwater walking, surface supplied diving bell

 2. a helmet that allows people 8 to 93+ years to walk on the bottom of the sea and experience the exhilarating feeling of breathing beneath the surface.
“they fed a plethora of reef fish, pet a stingray’s wings, and were photo bombed by a sea turtle while they were doing Sea TREK
synonyms: if you can walk and breathe — you can Sea TREK, amazing underwater experience

3. an innovative, exceptionally designed, commercial grade diving helmet system specifically created for the tourism industry.
“The Sea TREK helmet allowed the 93 year old man, who could not swim, to dive in the Caribbean for the 1st time in his life”
synonyms: once in a lifetime experience, simply breathtaking

1. to don a Sea TREK helmet and walk on the floor of the sea.
“those people are so happy; they must have just finished Sea TREKKING
synonyms: smiling, experiencing the sea, walking and breathing

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