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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Top Ten Picks for Interactive, Water-Related Cruise Excursions

We would like to share our top ten picks for water related shore excursions. Make sure to read all the way to the end for a bonus excursion activity!

FunCat electric catamaran boat cruise excursion

10. FunCat

You can rent a FunCat electric catamaran at many locations throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. The FunCat is a personal, electrically powered, chaise lounge catamaran with armrests and cup holders, a bimini shade and an adjustable seatback. The easy-to-use controls make this leisure watercraft an interactive dream. Even small children can drive the FunCat! Be sure to check out which ports of call offer this one-of-a-kind, relaxing rental. Feel the sea breeze move through your hair as you take a quiet, peaceful afternoon to relax on your own private part of the sea.

Snorkel with turtles cruise excursion

9. Snorkel with Sea Turtles

There are many beautiful creatures in the sea, and snorkeling is a great way to get close and see the colorful underwater world. The slow majesty of giant sea turtles, as they swim right beside you is hard to describe. Many locations boast an abundance of sea turtles, and can almost guarantee you will be snorkeling with the shelled creatures. What an experience — interacting with the wild beauties in their natural habitat! Check out your cruise’s shore excursions and book today!

Swimming with manatees cruise excursion

8. Swim with Manatees 

Manatees — also known as sea cows (because of their largesse and sea grass grazing habits) — are the mellow, gentle giants of the sea. Manatees love warm water, so in temperate ports of call you can see and interact with manatees all year round. The rotund beings seek interaction with people — out of curiosity. Their beauty and unexpected grace make a swim with the manatees a once in a lifetime experience. You will never forget the feel of their giant bodies and whiskered faces as you float in the water among them. Check to see if you can add this to your itinerary — you won’t regret it!

swimming with whale sharks cruise excursion

7. Swim with Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are the true colossuses of the sea. Reaching up to 40 feet in length (or more), and weighing possibly more than 20 tons, the whale shark is the largest living fish on the planet. The mouth of the whale shark is 3 feet wide! Imagine snorkeling next to these massive filter feeding sharks in the turquoise waters off of the coast of Mexico — one of the only destinations in the world that offers such a magnificent interaction. Many cruise lines have ports of call all throughout Mexico. Be sure to find out if your cruise offers an excursion with these gigantic animals.

Stingray interaction cruise excursion

6. Stingray Bay

Coming soon to locations throughout the Caribbean is Stingray Bay — an interactive, educational experience that informs families about these underwater flying creatures. It is the chance of a lifetime to sit in the water with trained stingrays across your lap, as you pet their velvety wings, and feed them. You will watch your loved ones’ eyes sparkle as they snorkel and swim in a beautiful lagoon among the gliding, winged stingrays. Right now the program is offered at Xcaret, but keep looking — this amazing activity will soon be available at many more ports of call.

Sharks interactive cruise excursion

5. Sharks! Interactive

Face your fears! SHARKS! Interactive is an award winning program that allows people to get in the water with trained nurse sharks. These misunderstood creatures strike fear into the hearts of many, but through this educational and interactive program thousands of participants have faced their fears, and learned to respect and appreciate the incredible shark. Imagine sitting in the warm waters of the Caribbean with your family and friends by your side, and taking a photo of a shark resting on your lap! Be sure to look up SHARKS! Interactive and see if the program is available through your cruise.

Sea TREK Cruise Excursion

4. Sea TREK 

Sea TREK is an underwater walking tour that uses patented Sea TREK helmets to allow anyone (non-divers, and even non-swimmers) ages 8 and up to experience the underwater world. With over 40 locations worldwide you can be sure that you will be able to find a place to Sea TREK on one of your shore excursions. Each location is different. Some locations offer aquarium tours, while others allow you to walk on the floor of the sea in open water. Some sites sink boats and planes to build beautiful new reefs, some sites have resident sea creatures that always photo bomb the guests, and all sites have educated, humorous and experienced Guides to make your Sea TREK adventure the best experience of your life. Be sure to check out the Sea TREK website to find a location on your cruise ship itinerary.

Sea TREK with stingrays cruise excursion

3. Sea TREK with Stingrays

You can also Sea TREK with trained stingrays. Imagine the magnificent velveteen animals flying around your head as you walk on the floor of the stingray lagoon. These friendly, social creatures let you pet their slick wings as they swarm around you. This unique interaction will nearly take your breath away! Right now there is only one place in the world that offers this incredible experience, but more locations will be offering Sea TREK with Stingrays in the near future. Check back for updates on new locations!

Shark TREK cruise excursion

2. Shark TREK

Many locations that offer Sea TREK in an aquarium can boast that there are a few sharks in the tank, but Atlantis’ tank takes the cake. With 20 species of sharks and stingrays in the large aquarium you can be sure you will be immersed in shark infested waters. The experience is thrilling; and as you watch the sharks swim directly in front of you, you can also watch as people slide through the tank in two different waterpark slides. You feel a part of the exhibit as you show off your fearlessness during this incredible Shark TREK! Book this tour today!

Dolphin TREK cruise excursion

1. Dolphin TREK

Dolphin TREK is a Sea TREK experience that offers a truly unique and memorable dolphin interaction. Because our Sea TREK helmets are so accessible — Dolphin TREK provides interactions with dolphins underneath the water (in their own environment) to anyone; including people who may not have diving experience or even know how to swim. Imagine feeling the rush of water as one of these intelligent creatures shoots past you and jumps 20 feet above your head! You can even direct the dolphins with specific hand signals to barrel roll, sing or even pose for an underwater kiss photo! There is nothing that compares to playing with a dolphin face-to-face in their underwater world. We have several Dolphin TREK locations at various ports of call, and will be offering more in the near future. Add this fantastic experience to your itinerary today!


Clear Lounge Cruise Excursion

Clear Lounge

Clear Lounge is the newest, most groundbreaking, water-related experience! Set to open in February 2015 at Carnival Cruise Line’s port, Puerta Maya, in Cozumel, Mexico, Clear Lounge is an achievement in innovation and engineering. Clear Lounge is the world’s 1st underwater oxygen bar and photo booth that offers guests a whole body, multi-sensory experience. Outfitted with a transparent Sea TREK helmet, participants will descend a ladder into a state-of-the-art aquarium lounge where they will breathe aromatherapy infused oxygen, play with bubble guns and underwater tablets, dance to an underwater sound system, and pose for the most unique photo booth pictures complete with props and a video wall backdrop. After guests have felt the effervescent bubbles, heard the music, and breathed the scented O2, they will have the opportunity to download their photos and reenergize with an oxygenated smoothie! If you will be travelling on a Carnival Cruise, do not miss the opportunity to visit the world’s only underwater oxygen bar– ClearLounge Cozumel!

We look forward to hearing about all your underwater adventures… Happy Cruising!