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Monday, February 10, 2014

Take your love deeper!

Are you planning a romantic date for Valentine’s Day?  Make this Valentine’s date one your loved one will NEVER forget!

A romantic candlelit dinner, a bouquet of roses, and a box of chocolates are the go-to gifts for any hopeless romantic. Imagining stars in his or her eyes, as you hold hands over lobster, seems like the by the books plan for this special holiday. BUT, what if the stars you see in his or her eyes are the reflections of starfish? What if this year you took the love of your life on a Sea TREK helmet diving tour? Chocolates and roses can’t even begin to compete with this experience of a lifetime!

You and your loved one will bond through the ultimate interaction. Imagine taking your first breath below the surface of the water together, and experiencing the wonder of this virtually weightless and magical world. The memory of your lobster dinner will be as faded as the long-stem, red roses after Valentine’s Day has passed, but the memory of Sea TREK will be as bright and fresh as if it was just yesterday. AND to remind your loved one of this incredibly thoughtful and special date, have the experience filmed on a GoPro; you can relive the adventure for years to come, just as if you were there. Your grandkids, and great-grandkids will share the story of how you and your partner walked under the sea, holding hands on Valentine’s Day. What a way to treasure your underwater love story!

Depending on your Sea TREK destination, you and your loved may interact with sea turtles, stingrays, sharks, dolphins, and even an immense variety of colorful reef fish. Some locations even have moray eels and sea urchins, and others boast octopus, squid, sea lions or barracudas! Sea TREK has nearly 40 locations worldwide with new locations opening every year. Sea TREK tours can be experienced in an enclosed aquarium environment, in the open sea, or in natural lagoons with stingrays or dolphins. Any of these experiences are guaranteed to excite! Take your love deeper and walk with your Valentine under the sea!

To make your date even sweeter, Sea TREK has found some romantic deals for you at our locations worldwide. Check out these deals, and be sure to add Sea TREK to your itinerary!

Sea TREK with Stingrays at Xcaret Park, Riviera Maya, Mexico! Experience the velveteen stingrays as you walk and breathe underwater —hand in hand. 10% off if you book online now!

Dolphin TREK at Xel-Há in Riviera Maya, Mexico is offering a 10% discount if you book online now! Meet and interact with dolphins in their natural environment. You’ll LOVE it!

Thinking of getting married? Miami Seaquarium has packages for weddings and events. Imagine getting married with the backdrop of an aquarium! Be sure to Sea TREK on your honeymoon!

UnderWater World in Guam is transforming for Valentine’s Day! They are calling it the tunnel of love. Dine in an aquarium, and then Sea TREK with UnderWater World’s fabulous sea creatures!

Resort World Sentosa is offering an amazing 4-course gourmet dinner in their Ocean restaurant by Cat Cora. Watch the giant rays and reef fish swirl around the world’s largest aquarium while you dine on the finest flavor fusions. Then head to Sea TREK and meet the rays and fish, face-to-face!

If you want to renew your vows this Valentine’s Day, Coral World Ocean Park can become your event destination. With its beautiful location and expansive activities, your vows will be renewed in style! Reaffirm your love with a Sea TREK heart kiss photo!

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai has a fabulous Valentine’s Day meal planned in its Aquarium windowed restaurant. Make sure to Sea TREK with Sharks and your partner to take your love deeper.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Sea TREK