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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FunCat Electric Catamarans — Enjoy the view through your toes!

FunCat® electric catamarans are called FunCats for a reason. They are endless FUN! The chaise lounge style seat, cool control system, and silent, battery powered motors offer a truly unique way to cruise the water with your friends and family. Side-by-side seating allows for conversation and cuddling, while durable construction and stability enable you to dive off for a swim and easily climb back aboard.
If you are looking for a spectacular gift the whole family can enjoy, a FunCat Electric Catamaran truly is the ultimate gift. You will learn to love the view of the world, as you’re kicked back, watching the horizon through your toes.
Can you imagine watching the sunset while you sway in gentle waves? You will enjoy the freedom of travel on water, while relaxing in the absolute tranquility offered by the FunCat’s silent motors.

Or how about a family day of fishing and play? It is easy with a FunCat. Pack up the kids and the poles, or go out on your own. The fish will never hear you coming!

Imagine riding around a tropical lagoon with a glass of wine in your hand, the sound of exotic birds in your ears, and your arm draped over your loved one’s shoulders. The view through your toes is extraordinary when riding around on a FunCat.

Want to go on a picnic? Take your family on a picnic with a twist–– no ants will spoil this meal! On board a FunCat you can enjoy a meal as simple as PB&J or as sophisticated as cheese and wine pairings. Be it a date night, or a family lunch FunCat makes the experience new, exciting and private. The water is yours; let everyone else have the park!

Thinking of bringing in the New Year with fireworks? Try being on the water! Imagine being snuggled in with a hot toddy, your loved ones, and floating in the middle of a lake. You can immerse yourself in the fireworks as they explode in the sky and in the reflections on the water all around you.

The possibilities with FunCat are endless… and now’s the time to buy!
We are currently offering a seasonal special! Free shipping up to $500.00 within the continental U.S. Offer valid through December 15th.

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